Posted in May 2012

The Rules-#1

Allow me to introduce a series of posts about The Rules (of Modern Dating). Installment #1 focuses on technology and communication in the early stages of dating. Can we talk about the rules of dating, 2012-style, for a minute? I just don’t have many single friends anymore, and the rules/dynamics of dating in a world … Continue reading

Mr. 1995

You know that Lady Antebellum song, “Dancing Away with My Heart”? Sweet song, but every time I hear the line, “Sometimes I find myself wondering where you are” (the song is about remembering a dance with an old high school crush for you non-country music fans) I get frustrated and think- Why hasn’t she just … Continue reading

Rabbit Hole

My friend Ms. August (not to be confused with my aunt, the first Mrs. August) mentioned to me that Gotye reminds her of Peter Gabriel. And then, my cousin mentioned the same thing on his Facebook page. So now every time I hear “Somebody I Used to Know” I think of Peter Gabriel, because they … Continue reading


What are your relationship deal-breakers? I read an online profile for a guy recently who very conveniently listed his deal-breakers in the first paragraph of his narrative. Hey, nothing like cutting to the chase, I guess? Anyway, included on his list of deal-breakers: smoking, bad teeth, obesity and unhealthy eating. OK, fine, a health nut … Continue reading

Talk to Me

First, thanks to everyone that takes the time to read my blog. If you are enjoying this sad little running commentary about my “love life” I hope you’ll use the little widget and sign up to follow my blog, so that you don’t miss a single chapter of my misadventures. I really appreciate the blog … Continue reading

Mr. April, Number 3

Mr. April #3. I really don’t have much to say about him, and he didn’t behave badly so I wasn’t sure if I should even include him. Sort of like Mr. April-1, this one was a little slow getting off the ground. Mostly because I was already talking to Mr. Aprils 1-2, and I was … Continue reading

Mr. April, Number 2

Where Mr. April-1 and I had taken weeks to get through the online dating communication process, move on to more emailing, then texting until finally meeting up, Mr. April-2 and I connected online and met up within about 4 days. Mr. April-2 was a real estate investor, lived in the neighborhood I grew up in … Continue reading

Three Strikes

For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone on dates with pretty much one standard rule: Three Strikes and He’s Out. A lot of people will tell you there are certain topics to avoid on first dates, such as politics or religion; that you shouldn’t kiss on a first date; or talk about your … Continue reading

Mr. April, Number 1

Good thing, after a little self-psychoanalysis, that I bounce back quickly. After deciding not to let Mr. February forever ruin me to all guys (despite his not funny joke in happier times that he was probably my last hope for marital bliss-as IF!) I quickly proceeded to schedule some dates to re-build my confidence. Enter … Continue reading