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First, thanks to everyone that takes the time to read my blog. If you are enjoying this sad little running commentary about my “love life” I hope you’ll use the little widget and sign up to follow my blog, so that you don’t miss a single chapter of my misadventures. I really appreciate the blog comments, Facebook comments from those that know me, and all the embarrassing conversations about my dating experiences that have occurred when I run into someone who tells me, “Oh, I’ve been reading your blog! It really makes me laugh!” You’re welcome. As I’ve mentioned before, I usually stay pretty quiet about dating stuff, even to family and friends, so the initial response was along the lines of “Is this you?!?!?” and “No way this is you.” Apparently everyone thought I was on my way to becoming a nun or something? In all seriousness, the response has been very encouraging, although I did get a Very Concerned Facebook Message from my aunt that maybe no one will want to date me if they think I am going to write about them on the internet (not true by the way- guys still want to date me, I am happy to report!)

I was really hoping that no one would care about my date stories, thoughts about being single and dating, etc., so Miss November would let me quit and I could just go back to telling these things to her over high-calorie coffee drinks or mojitos. But apparently, this is super-entertaining for ya’ll, so I will try to keep it going (and I’m sure Miss Nov enjoys the break from being my sole confidant on these matters). I do want to ask you for a favor (in addition to sending any cute, eligible men my way). There may be times when I’m out-of-town, really busy, or maybe just need to take a little break from the soul-crushing world of online dating, so I’m asking for you to share your stories. Whether you are male or female, single or married, in a committed relationship, whatever- I know you have a funny story. Your worst date, a great date, weird-creepy-opposite-sex-behavior to report, thoughts on being single or being in a relationship, or how you met your Mr./Mrs. Right… I am sure at least one of my stories has made you think about something in your own life. I’d love to hear it! That way, when I need something to fill in during one of those times when I don’t have any time or inspiration to write for you, there’s still something going on around here. Also, it may inspire me/make me feel better to hear some of your stories too!  In addition, I will probably run out of ideas eventually, so if you would like to see me write about a certain topic, please make a suggestion! Or, just let me know what you’ve enjoyed reading about so far and I’ll know if I’m headed in the right direction. After all, I’m Southern; I aim to please. Email me at and give me your thoughts, let me know if you might be willing/interested in submitting a guest blog somewhere down the line, or just go ahead and submit a little somethin’ somethin’. I just ask that you keep it relatively clean (this isn’t THAT kind of blog). And, like me, you can choose to remain as anonymous or semi-anonymous as you wish. So come on now, you know you want to. Peer pressure!!! We’re all friends here… right?

2 thoughts on “Talk to Me

  1. So excited I made the blog! I do need to clarify something, dear niece. I think I said something like “it will take a special man who doesn’t mind being part of a blog”. I assume only a special man is what you are looking to find. Keep looking and blogging. I need something fun to read!

    A devoted reader…Mrs. August

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