Posted in June 2012

The Rules-#2

Enjoy the second chapter of my opinions on the “Rules” for dating-all about The First Date. If you missed the first installment, check it out. Seeing as how I have not only been on a lot of first dates recently, but in the course of my nearly 32 years of being single, I’m kind of … Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Girl

My dad is the best. My mom’s pretty great too, but it’s almost Father’s Day, so this one is a shout out to my Daddy. He took me on Daddy-Daughter dates and bought me all the cassette tapes and Babysitter’s Club books I wanted, made me mix tapes of songs he thought I’d like, and … Continue reading

Being (Accidentally) Single

“I know you’ll be fine alone, you’re not a baby in a hot car.” -Justin Timberlake, in the movie Friends with Benefits I’ve been wanting to write about being single, but I never know where to start. There have been a lot of different studies and opinion pieces in major news outlets lately about single … Continue reading

Perfect on Paper

I’ve had a little bit of sympathy for Mr. February lately. Shocking, I know. Let me start at the beginning. I met a really great guy online-we’ll call him Mr. May. He was smart, sweet, a perfect gentleman. We had tons in common. He knew about the blog, and even read some of it before … Continue reading

A Perfect Fit

Today we’re going to talk about boobs. Bear with me. I have a point about dating, and I will make it eventually, but I am asking the court for a bit of leniency in getting there. You in? Of course you are, everyone loves boobs. Recently Miss November and I went to happy hour at … Continue reading