Everything I Need to Know About Dating I Learned from Mad Men

I’m getting ready to fly the friendly skies and go meet my newest baby cousin, but don’t worry, you won’t even know I’m goneI have pre-scheduled your weekly entertainment.

So, if I’m being honest here, one of the least appealing aspects of dating to me is that is takes time away from my first true love… watching television. I. Love. TV. And I’m not even going to pretend like everything I watch is first-rate, award-winning TV, either. The Bachelor/ette is appointment TV-time for me, and I can get sucked into a Real Housewives of any city marathon quite easily. I’m not even ashamed to admit that. That’s the most embarrassing part.

One of my favorite (better quality) shows is Mad Men. Basically, the boys of SCDP are all kind of pompous, sexist jerks but they occasionally have redeeming moments so you love them anyway…but the ladies are the true stars of the show. I’ll try to be spoiler free here for anyone who is uninitiated (why are you not watching this show?!?!) or just behind (what else could be more important than catching up on this show?!?!). I frequently email myself some of the great one-liners when watching this show. Even though it takes place in the 60s, and a lot of things have changed; a lot of the sentiments about life, love, and relationships remain universal truths. And since he’s in advertising, well, Don Draper sure has a knack for handing out catchy advice.

“What is happiness? It’s the moment before you need more happiness.” —Don

“You’ll tell them that it didn’t work out because it didn’t. You’ll tell them the next thing will be better because it always is.” —Don (great dating advice!)

“The conversation does not end just because you leave the room.” —Pete

“She’s insane, she needs a drink.” —Megan

“You’re going to need to define some of these pronouns if you want me to keep listening.” —Don

And my favorite…

“Men don’t take the time to end things. They ignore you until you insist on a declaration of hate.” —Joan (PREACH JOANIE!)

And, a little nugget of wisdom for the men out there:

Greg: “Joanie, I don’t want to have a fight right now.”

Joan: “Then stop talking.”

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