Mr. June

Alright, if you are a “regular” around here, you’ve probably noticed I only had one Mr. May and haven’t really mentioned a Mr. June. And June is pretty much over. So… did I go back into dating hibernation? What gives, you ask? Well, there is a Mr. June. In fact, you already met him. And in a turn of events I wasn’t really blog-prepared for, that fateful first date spawned a second…and third…and you get the picture. It’s still going, y’all! And that only freaks me out a little bit. So I think progress is being made? Unlike with Mr. February, Mr. June seems to be in no rush to “DTR” (define the relationship, for all y’all who don’t know dating-speak) and honestly, for the first couple of dates I couldn’t even tell if he really liked me or not. (Don’t worry, he definitely does.) While things can always fall apart pretty quickly, so far, so good.

Since I never wrote about anyone in the past until it was already over, I have a strange new dilemma here. Do I tell you everything and jinx it? He does NOT know about the blog yet, so I also have to consider that anything I write about him now, he might see later (and I might have to explain). But if it doesn’t end soon, things might get boring around here. Since I don’t really want it to end, and I don’t really want to bore you, what should I do now???

Tell you every last detail NOW and just never tell him about the blog? (Which won’t be possible if we become Facebook friends…nope, we’re not even Facebook friends after a month so you know I am happy not to worry about all that.)

Tell him about the blog and go ahead and write about him? (EEK!)

Keep quiet a little while longer? Somebody tell me what to do next!!!

9 thoughts on “Mr. June

  1. Being your old fashioned relative, married 38+years, I go for keeping him undercover. (well, not literally). Let your relationship develop on its own with no interference from your readers! If he stays in the picture, maybe let him know about the blog, but promise not to post anything he hasn’t read first. As I said early on—trust is essential for a long lasting, healthy relationship…and add a sense of humor!

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