Southern Charm

I recently found this article, about the top 23 reasons to date a Southerner on the dating site, It’s a pretty good list, and I’ve added some additional thoughts. I agree with a lot of the things mentioned, but disagree on a few as well. Here’s the list, along with 2 more reasons I added (because really, what kind of a list stops at 23?).

1. We have good manners. (Which also means we will feel obligated to be polite even on the bad dates.)

2. Our accents are cute. Why, thank you! (See #1.)

3. We totally understand the importance of family and holiday traditions.

4. Grits are delicious (well, only when loaded down with butter and cheese and garlic).

5. You’ll melt the first time somebody calls you darlin.

6. Savannah, Charleston, Asheville: just think of the romantic weekends at B&Bs.

7. Our tea is cool and sweet. Work the metaphor here.

8. We’re good with animals. Not necessarily a Southern thing-they are assuming we all grew up on the farm which is not the case.

9. Our uncle’s moonshine is surprisingly good.

10. We can make conversation with anyone, from the mailman to your antisocial cousin. What, Yankees don’t do that?

11. We can dance. Sometimes in a square. I can assure you this has nothing to do with being Southern. We can’t all dance. See: Me.

12. If it’s a date, we call it a date. No “hanging out.” This one made me laugh, because Miss November married a Yankee, and I am pretty sure he asked her to “hang out” rather than “go on a date.” Yay for stereotypes?

13. Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, Harper Lee: it’s a proud literary tradition.

14. We’re not spoiled by urban life. Well…some of us may have been spoiled a little bit. Cough, cough.

15. “Beau” is so much sexier than “boyfriend.” I’ve never called anyone my beau in my life.

16. We’re great planners. (Have you ever been to a debutante’s wedding? Honey.) This not only applies to weddings, but also to baby showers,  birthday parties, and jewelery/Tupperware/Pampered Chef parties. It’s not a just party…it could be the social event of the season.

17. We’re good at fixing things. Fixin’ stuff is our specialty. Fixin’ dinner, fixin’ to go to Wal-Mart…

18. Our families like you immediately. If you make it past our dad/big brother/uncle on the front porch with his shot gun, that is. Then you are IN.

19. Seersucker is an art form. So is plaid. And flannel. And overalls. Ok, maybe not overalls. I got a little carried away.

20. Hating Duke is what brings people together. I don’t get this one. Duke the school? Or like Dukes of Hazard? I grew up city, y’all. SIGH.

21. Everything tastes better fried. Yes. Exactly. See: Okra. Or any vegetable, really…we can fry the nutritional value right out of anything.

22. We always bring a hostess gift. It will most likely either be a candle or alcohol.

23. We know you can’t buy love at Wal-Mart (but Target is a possibility).

24. We’re not fancy. Girls look cute in sundresses and cowboy boots; guys look good in jeans and t-shirts.

25. And finally…We’re just generally all around-charming. Sort of a combination of 1,2,10, and 22; but “Southern Charm” is famous for a reason…

Do you think Southerners are the best dates?

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