Posted in August 2012

Everything I Need to Know About Dating I Learned from Taylor Swift

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I love me some Taylor Swift. I really do. I don’t even care what that says about me or my maturity level. So what if I have a good ten years of life experience on her? She’s so deep, y’all. There’s no bad mood that a Taylor Swift … Continue reading

Talk of the Neighborhood

Apparently, I’ve been the talk of the neighborhood. I live in a condo. Not one of those hip, downtown urban loft condos; but a suburban, family-friendly neighborhood style condo. Which means that mostly, my neighbors are little old ladies. There are a couple of young families and single folks like myself, but since buying the … Continue reading


I told you all about my boyfriend box before. I thought I’d dig through the box a well as some other old notes, cards, and letters in an effort to find something funny to write about. I came across a box of letters from one of my cousins. This cousin is a week older than … Continue reading