I told you all about my boyfriend box before. I thought I’d dig through the box a well as some other old notes, cards, and letters in an effort to find something funny to write about. I came across a box of letters from one of my cousins. This cousin is a week older than me exactly, and we’ve always lived in separate states. When we were younger, back in the days of the Pony Express before email and Facebook and blogging (the horror, I know), we used to write each other letters. Well, more accurately, I used to write him letters  and about once every couple of months he’d humor me and write back. Occasionally, I resorted to sending him “fill in the blank” letters with self-addressed, stamped envelopes to ensure I’d get a response.

I clearly had a lot of time on my hands. It was before the internet! And DVR, too!

It was an early indicator of my writing career, in more ways than one (more on that later).

Anyway, I started reading some of the letters he wrote me around the time we were 15 years old. Readers, these letters are epic. I was known for writing ten page manifestos to him, so I can only imagine what I was writing about on my end to take up that much paper (my handwriting is kinda big and loopy, in my defense). But based on the things he wrote to me, I can deduce that we were definitely discussing our love lives, crushes, and breakups (in great detail), as well as those of our friends; school; current events (OJ verdict!); and the weather (SNOW!).  In addition to referencing things and people I don’t remember AT ALL, I found the letter in which he mentioned his now-wife to me for the first time. And in the series of letters that follow, he gushes over how much he likes her, wanting to ask her out, and how she is amazing and perfect. They were so cute. I’d love to share the details with you, but they are just too precious and personal and I shouldn’t. But they are awesome and adorable. Trust me on this one.

So why are you writing a blog about this if you aren’t going to pony up the goods, you ask?

The things he wrote about his now-wife of ten years were enough to melt even my slightly-cynical heart. I scanned them and sent them to him in case he decided he would want to share them with her at some point (he did, over their tenth anniversary). He was smitten from the very beginning, and having a souvenir like that of your thoughts and how you felt while falling in love is pretty amazing, and it was totally worth the closet space that letter box has taken up all these years. I might have shed a tear. That tear may or may not have been from laughing so hard, though-these letters are hysterical and really hard to read, but so fabulous. Next time we’re together, I want to gather up his letters and mine and put them in order. Maybe some of these people and events I’ve forgotten will come back to me a little (and when they do, I’ll probably wish I could forget them again). And then have a good laugh/cry at how silly we used to be as teenagers. But finding his sweet words about the woman he’d go on to marry wasn’t the best part of finding these letters.

The best part is, apparently, being the successful relationship guru that I was at 15, I advised him to move on from an old flame (not the now-wife) and ask out his future wife, warning him that failure to do so would most certainly result in him ending up alone, writing under a pen name somewhere.

Oy. Way harsh, fifteen-year-old Miss July, way harsh.

So, um… Fast forward seventeen years: he’s been married for ten, to the girl he’s loved since he was fifteen; Miss July remains single (alone), writing under a pen name…hmm, who should have been giving out relationship advice in this scenario? I’m thinking…not me.

Congrats B&K on your tenth anniversary!

And seriously, who meets the love of their life at fifteen? You crazy kids…

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