Everything I Need to Know About Dating I Learned from Taylor Swift

I’ve mentioned a couple of times that I love me some Taylor Swift. I really do. I don’t even care what that says about me or my maturity level. So what if I have a good ten years of life experience on her? She’s so deep, y’all. There’s no bad mood that a Taylor Swift tune can’t pull me out of, because she seems to have written the perfect song for every situation. Here are a few ways that Taylor understands me (and, clearly, 99.9% of teenage girls/young ladies/their mamas and grandmamas) and helps me navigate the tricky world of dating and relationships through her catchy tunes.

You are Better Off Without Him Anyway. For all the crap Taylor gets about influencing young girls with all the princess-y, fairy tale songs; many of her catchiest tunes give a much stronger “forget about him” message. My fave tune for when I need reminding that I do not need someone if they are just going to treat me like crap? “Picture to Burn”- To state the obvious, I didn’t get my perfect fantasy/I realized you loved yourself more than you could ever love me…So watch me strike a match on all my wasted time, as far as I’m concerned, you’re just another picture to burn.

Your Boyfriend Cheated on You, He Sucks. Well, this could pretty much be almost any Taylor Swift song. Girlfriend really knows how to pick ’em. (Cough*John Mayer*Cough.) However, the cheating song that I love the most is “Should’ve Said No”- You say that the past is the past, you need one chance, it was a moment of weakness and you said yes…you should’ve said no, baby then you might still have me.” I like the way she just tosses him out because she has too much self-respect to take him back. Even though it’s a cheating song, I like that it’s suprisingly upbeat. Because she knows she’s better off without him! GIRL POWER!

New Relationship Butterflies are The Best. She’s so young, so obviously at this point all she’s worried about in a potential relationship is whether or not there is chemistry. Probably why she keeps crashing and burning at this love thing. (Sorry, Taylor. That’s my ten extra years of life experience talking to you.) Anyway, that’s probably why she is so good at describing the way a new, awesome relationship or even just a really great date makes you feel. It’s really hard to choose here- she has written about this many times. “Fearless,” “Our Song,” and my recent favorite, “Sparks Fly”- The way you move is like a full-on rainstorm, and I’m a house of cards. Yup, that’s pretty much how it feels when you are dating someone new and you see them walk in the room, right?

Crushin’ on a Cute Guy You Hardly Know. Or, if you meet a cute guy, be sure he knows you like him or by the time you write a song about him he could be taken. See: “Enchanted”-I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you; or “Hey Stephen”- Hey Stephen, I could give you fifty reasons why I should be the one you choose, all those other girls, well they’re beautiful but would they write a song for you? The lesson we learn here? Don’t be so mysterious, ladies-guys can be kind of dumb about knowing if you like them and we don’t all have the platform that Ms. Swift does, to profess our crush over the radio or on a platinum-selling record. You might just have to walk up to him, say hi, and give him your phone number. Regular Girl Problems. Sigh.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do. Which is why the world needs T. Swift! She will help us all figure out how to go on. Once again, wise beyond her years, Taylor explains break-ups in her song “Breathe”- People are people and sometimes it doesn’t work out, and nothing we say is gonna save us from the fallout…I can’t breathe without you, but I have to… WORD. Sometimes things just don’t work. And you just have to move on, even though it’s hard. But it can be done. Eat your Magnum bars, then put on your big girl panties, and “do you” for a little bit, okay, girl? I feel like that is what she’s telling me here. Or maybe that’s what I’m telling her? I don’t even know anymore. Sorry. The break up songs get to me.

Sometimes, You Just Need Your Mama. It doesn’t matter how old you get- you never stop wanting your mama. I cry nearly every time I listen to “The Best Day” so I can no longer listen to it while I’m driving. I know you were on my side, even when I was wrong…so I’m taking this chance to say, that I had the best day with you today.  It’s a really pretty tribute to her mom, and her whole family. OK, I know that has nothing to do with dating, but I like this song and love my mama and this is my blog. I can pretty much do what I want.

So, now T. Swifty has apparently fallen hard and fast (does she know any other way?) for an 18-year old Kennedy, which probably means her next record will be epic, Grammy-worthy material. ‘Cause this won’t end well. And I can’t wait to hear all about it. Call me if you need a shoulder to cry on, Taylor. It’s probably about time I return the favor.

7 thoughts on “Everything I Need to Know About Dating I Learned from Taylor Swift

  1. I had no idea you had so thoroughly analyzed Taylor’s songs. I hope you’re planning a companion post on Miley and how right she is about it being the climb. Also, “Breathe” is my favorite of her songs- that one gets me. Also, I love my mama, too (and yours). Sigh.

    • Well, Miss November, I take my blog research seriously. Very seriously. I know that is what my readers expect. I actually have several companion posts planned. Besides Miley (duh) there will be Lionel Richie (of course) and probably an 80s and classic rock versions, too. Then I may move on to movies. Everything I Need to Know About Dating I Learned from Pretty Woman, anyone?

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