Mr. June Speaks!

Here you go guys…Mr. June has answered your questions! You had some good ones. I didn’t write down his answers and it’s been awhile since I conducted this little  interview, so I’ve noted if I can’t quite remember something clearly or if I might be heavily paraphrasing any of his answers-lest I misrepresent Mr. June’s true thoughts and feelings! I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong-he loves to do that, and so rarely ever gets to (heh). Without further ado, Mr. June speaks!

MsJ: Are you suffering from, or have you ever suffered from amnesia?

MrJ: No, not that I remember. (Ba-dum.)

MsJ: Do you secretly believe some Republican/conservative ideas are valid?

MrJ: Sure…anyone can have a VALID idea. (Or something like that. I don’t really remember the answer to this one that clearly.)

MsJ: Do you use “y’all” when you’re only talking to one person?

MrJ: No. (He really doesn’t, y’all! He’s not from around these parts.)

MsJ: What is some small gesture you can do on any given day that makes Miss July happy?

MrJ: Give her kisses…and do the dishes. (MsJ-This is SOOO true. I love a man that does dishes. And takes out the trash. And…)

MsJ: What is the first thing you think of when I say “kids”? (NO, don’t pause and think about your answer you faker, just SPIT IT OUT!)


MsJ: Where do you work/what do you do and/or what do you want to be when you grow up?!

MrJ: I work at Vanderbilt in a research lab, and I want to teach college science when I grow up.

MsJ: Favorite place you’ve traveled? Where would you most like to travel?

MrJ: I’m pretty sure he said Portland or Seattle. And that he’d like to go back. I don’t totally remember. Sorry, kids. Just think Pacific Northwest. 🙂

MsJ: Do you have any pets?

MrJ: A border collie/lab mix named Chloe. (MsJ: Sweetest 50lb. lap dog I ever met.)

MsJ: Are you originally from Nashville?

MrJ: No. (MsJ: To whoever asked this, you probably wanted to know where he was from, and the answer to that is all over-Tennessee is the longest he’s ever lived anywhere and that’s been since college.)

MsJ: I’m sure it’s difficult to narrow down to just one thing, but if you HAD to narrow it down, what one thing on your first date stood out/guaranteed there would be a 2nd date?! Obviously, Miss July is witty, beautiful, intelligent and charming, so it may be impossible to choose just one moment. But… give it a shot!

MrJ: The fact that she said yes. (MsJ: Um….awwww?)

MsJ: Three words to describe Miss July.

MrJ: Thoughtful, smart, and funny.

MsJ: If you got to produce an episode of CMT’s Crossroads, who would you pair together?

Sarah Maclachlan and Emmylou Harris (I think this was the answer-we had a discussion about “the older lady country singer with the sad voice” and I think he meant Emmylou.)

That’s all folks! Thanks again for your inquiries-we had fun with it! Maybe I’ll talk Mr. June into writing a column for me or giving some dating advice from a male perspective. What do y’all think?


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