Something to think about…

Thanks, everyone, for sticking around even though the blog entries have become less frequent and less about my horrifying dating tales, since I haven’t had any recently (I have a boyfriend, y’all!). If anyone has horrifying dating tales they’d like to tell in my absence, please let me know. I’ll gladly give you the floor. Otherwise, I’m still planning to keep up the blog-perhaps not as frequently as when I was meeting strangers for free dinner once a week. And obviously, unless Mr. June has a major meltdown, it will be less about my awful dates and more of my general musings on dating and relationships, as well as any amusing stories about me and Mr. June (after all, it’s been seven months and you all hardly know him at all!).

I’ve been collecting little stats and factoids about relationships, love, and dating since I’ve been writing this blog. I don’t have “credit” information for any of them as I’ve mostly jotted them down on little post-its, so don’t ask me to back any of this up. Cause I can’t. I just found this stuff interesting, maybe you will too.

Women are most attracted to men who are six years older. (Mr. June is a little over five years older than me, FYI.)

Men prefer women who are 60lbs. lighter.

More than 50% of singles haven’t been on a single date for 2 years or more (so I’m not as weird as I thought).

Men determine if they are attracted to you within 3 seconds(!), while women take one hour to decide if they want a second date (a lot of insight here that I won’t touch with a ten-foot pole today).

Men know they are falling in love within just three dates. Women fall in love around date 14. (Fascinating! And women are the clingy, desperate ones? Ha, ha.)

The average couple goes on 6-8 dates before becoming “exclusive.” (Where was this information when I needed it?!?!)

Relationships that begin online have an average courtship to marriage time of 18.5 months. Relationships that began offline lead to marriage in an average of 42 months.  (Online daters are more serious/clear about their goals from the beginning maybe?)

Most couples begin exchanging house keys around dates 12-14. (Really?)

A woman gains an average of 7 hours of housework when she marries. (I believe it. Just gaining a boyfriend has increased my housework, and totally unrelated, my waistline.)

And this might be my favorite… Liking the taste of beer is the single best predictor for whether a woman will have sex on the first date. (I’m assuming this means liking beer=sex and not liking beer=no sex.)

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