It could happen to you…

Apparently, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, the result of being dumped(!) over the holidays, or just feeling the positive buzz of the holiday season, more people join an online dating site in January than any other month. Most of the big ones report a 30%-55% increase in membership (with reporting that 55% bump on January 2nd alone!). I believe it. I mean, your very own Miss July herself joined eHarmony last January. It wasn’t how I ultimately found Mr. June, but it did re-connect me with my old “friend” Mr. February and started the downward spiral that eventually became this blog. Yay?

Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d ever attempted online dating. I’d tried it more than once before. I’d also allowed myself to be set up on blind dates by well-meaning friends, acquaintances, and coworkers over the years. I had done matchmaking services.  I’ve shelled out lots of money over the years from my little social-worker salary in an effort to not die alone as a crazy dog-lady (and ironically, I met Mr. June on a free site, NOT a paid one). I didn’t have a lot of faith that “getting online” would work. I mean, the odds aren’t great.

Yet, I did it anyway. And apparently, at this very minute, tons of other single people are trying it-maybe for the first time, maybe for the fifteenth. Starting the new year hoping, wishing, praying; despite all the odds, it will be different this time. Maybe it will be. I mean, it happened to me…it could happen to you.



A year ago, when I started looking for hot guys eligible men online, I decided to keep an open mind, maybe more open than previous attempts at finding love online. I wanted to focus less on what I’d always “imagined” my ideal guy would look like/do for a living/ and more about what kind of person I’d want to have as a partner. Crazy idea, right? I figured, people will always have little habits than annoy you, and a great guy or girl may be too short or have the wrong color hair than your usual type, but a person’s character is forever. I know, I am so deep. Anyway, I shared my short “list” with you readers as I began writing the blog. I thought it would be fun to go back and see how Mr. June stacks up! Let’s check off the list here….

A nice guy, but not a pushover-I can be bossy, and I need someone who is not afraid to take me down a peg when necessary. Oh, and how he enjoys letting me know when I’m being bossy! Haha. But he’s not afraid to tell me, and I really do appreciate that. I think. CHECK.

A smart guy-doesn’t have to have hundreds of degrees hanging on the wall, but he pays attention to what’s going on in the world, likes to learn new things, and can carry on an intelligent conversation about more than just sports or video games. Y’all, Mr. June is so smart I have no idea what he’s talking about half of the time. I just stare into his dimples and smile. Anyway, he does like learning new things, and he might be a bigger “news junkie” than I am, which I thought was impossible. CHECK.

A kind guy-someone who will go out of his way to make someone’s day, with small or large gestures. Mr. June is pretty observant, so he’s pretty good at this-he figured out my favorite kinds of chocolate pretty quickly. He also took care of me after I had disgusting sinus surgery, and anyone that will clean snot out of your nose at 3am (besides your parents because that is their job) is a generous, kind person. CHECK.

A confident guy-doesn’t need me to constantly tell him how awesome he is, although I will on occasion. But he’s not cocky either. He’s just comfortable with himself and doesn’t need constant reassurance. I mean, sure, I think Mr. June likes for me to tell him he’s great, but we don’t have to discuss it all.the.time. He’s not insecure, and he’s not needy. BIG. CHECK.

 And…he can’t have voted for George Bush, at least not the second time around. Deal-breaker. HAHA. CHECK!

There you have it, folks…I think I did pretty well! He scored well on all the things that were really important to me. As a bonus, we both also like cooking, photography, movies, politics, and our dogs… and even though he totally makes fun of my uncool taste in music, he has conceded that Taylor Swift can write a damn catchy tune and that is enough of a victory for me.


So, if you are one of the billions millions thousands of singles joining the online dating community this month, good luck. And hang in there. Because it could happen to you, too.

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