Happy Birthday, Mr. June.

Today is Mr. June’s birthday. I am not a heart on my sleeve kind of girl, and despite writing a very public dating blog, I am very cautious about being an online over-sharer. However, I think Mr. June secretly kind of loves his internet infamy, so I figured a public display of Happy Birthday for my main man would be appropriate.

When I began writing this blog, I certainly didn’t have high hopes for my future dating and relationship prospects. But I set out to entertain you anyway with true stories of bad dates and bad behavior, and ended up getting lucky along the way. Hasn’t made for a very good blog about bad dating (sorry), but it has been very good for me! In a previous blog I compared Mr. June against my original “must-have” list to see how he measured up (spoiler alert: he did good).  I also said I wasn’t looking for someone perfect, but for someone who could add/contribute to my life in a positive way. I think I phrased it as “not just an addition, but an improvement.” Gee, I don’t ask for much, do I?

So, in honor of his birthday, I proudly present:

Top Ten Things Mr. June Adds to My Life

10. Pounds. As in, my waistline. Oh yes, he’s added something there. I am positive that the numbers on the scale have gone in an undesirable direction. I guess the positive/improvement part is that he is sweet enough to cook with/for me? Yes, that’s it. He’s a great cook, and it shows- it’s just unfortunately on my hips, thighs, butt, belly…

9. Dirty Dishes. With the cooking and the eating come the dirty dishes. SO MANY DISHES. Why doesn’t washing dishes burn more calories? (He did fix my dishwasher for me-positive improvement!)

8. Laundry. Somewhere along the way, trying to be a sweet girlfriend, I volunteered to do his laundry. (What was I thinking?) Laundry is, like, the least offensive chore for me though (positive?), and it is not so bad now that I’ve made him buy more than two sets of clothing (all he had when he met me) which previously had to be washed every other day…

7. Beer. I never liked beer, but that was before Mr. June introduced me to beer made with CHOCOLATE. Why did no one ever tell me about this??? I like ANYTHING with chocolate! (Possibly relates to #10.)

6. Dog Hair. I thought my dog and I were champion shedders. That was before Chloe came into our lives. Mr. June’s dog is lucky she’s so sweet and adorable. Between Chloe, my fluffy furball of love Izzie and myself I am fairly certain we could start our own “Locks of Love” with the amount of hair Swiffer-ed off my floor any given day. There are Chloe hairs everywhere. But I love her, and I’ve already warned Mr. June that since my parents have already claimed him in the event of our breakup, I’m claiming Chloe. She loves me best anyway.

5. New Technology. Anyone who knows me, knows I am slow to adopt new technology. I’ve only had a “smart phone” for a little over a year, I resisted the switch from film to digital camera (and I’m a photographer!!!) and I’ve frequently made my father and/or my friends’ boyfriends and husbands help me with simple tasks like setting up an internet router or hooking up a DVD player. And don’t even get Mr. June started on my “antique” laptop.  I’m just not a techie, but Mr. June is a whiz. He’s got me streaming TV shows online and everything.

4. Nerd Ropes. What is a Nerd Rope? Well, have you ever considered how those little boxes of Nerds candy are sooo tasty, yet not very classy to eat (as you shake them straight from the box into your mouth) and thought, there must be a better way??? No? Just me? Whatever. Mr. June and I don’t want to share our Nerd Ropes with you, anyway.

3. Dimples. Who doesn’t love dimples? They are like sunshine on a cloudy day.

2. Snuggles. Sure, I love a good snuggle with the dog(s), but having an actual human snuggle buddy in addition to two canine ones is pretty great.

1. Laughter. Whether I’ve fallen victim to one of his pranks or he’s tickling me until I hyperventilate, Mr. June has an admirable commitment to keeping me laughing. He probably thinks I can’t be mad at him if I’m laughing. He’s wrong, for the record.

For these and many other reasons/contributions not mentioned in this silly little list, I’m glad Mr. June is a part of my life. Please join me in wishing Mr. June a very, very Happy Birthday! XOXO

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