It is pretty hard to write a dating blog when you are no longer “dating.” But I’ve enjoyed writing it, and if y’all still want to read it, I’ll figure something out. You guys know I am full of opinions! Maybe Mr. June won’t mind if I start seeing other people again? Kidding, kidding.

What a difference a year makes! Frankly, I never in a hundred million years thought that merely 3 MONTHS into blogging, 5 months into a serious “re-commitment to dating” AND my extreme success at being single for over 30 YEARS I’d find myself in a committed relationship with little to blog about. OR that my baby brother would have a baby before me. Actually, that’s not so shocking. At any rate, life is full of surprises.

About one year ago, I was asking yall whether Mr. June was my boyfriend and trying to figure out how to surprise him with the amazing news that I’d been discussing our relationship on a dating blog!

As confusing and frustrating as the early stages of dating can be, you get through it because you think once you get to know someone and you’re comfortable, it will get easier. But that’s just one of those lies we tell ourselves, isn’t it? A year later…there are still times I’m confused and frustrated. Getting to know someone is a never-ending process, because most of us are constantly changing, evolving, and growing- in small ways if not big ones. Blending two lives, two sets of families and friends, two calendars, two routines, two dogs, is work. Ben Affleck took a lot of heat earlier this year, when he admitted his marriage was “work” during his Oscar acceptance speech and thanked his wife for working on their marriage with him. I don’t know, I thought it was kind of refreshing! Relationships ARE work. That’s not untrue. But if you have something worth working at, then you know it’s valuable. Maybe not the most romantic way to put it, but practical. I totally appreciate that. I mean, he DID say there was no one else he’d rather work with. Isn’t that the ultimate compliment, that if you have to do an inherently unpleasant task such as work, you choose the person you have the most fun with in the world to do it with you, because then it will be worth it?

Over one year later, Mr. June and I are definitely knee-deep in the blender of life. We’ve navigated a year of holidays and birthdays. (Some more successfully than others.) Social calendars. Work schedules. We have a theater membership and a CSA together.  We’re now keenly aware of each others bad habits, weaknesses, and pet peeves. We know how to push each others buttons.

But we also know each others strengths, talents, and favorite things. We’ve traveled together. We take pictures together. We walk the dogs together. We make dinner and sit out on the patio that we worked on making pretty together, with a bottle of wine we got on one of our trips or at the weekly wine tastings we go to together.  We’ve taken two routines and meshed them into one routine-ours, together. And occasionally, yes, that requires some negotiating. But so far, there’s no one else I’d rather work with. I mean, after all…I’m a pretty great boss…and maybe one of these days, I’ll give him a promotion! HA.

Happy (very belated) One Year, Mr. June. Here’s to working together for a very long time! Cheers…

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