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Single Girls and the Second Shift

For much of my adult life, I’ve worked a second job of some sort. Scratch that-I’ve basically been juggling multiple jobs since I was a teen. I worked at the local themepark, but also babysat and housecleaned “on the side.” During college, I did the same-had a “real” job at a doctor’s office plus babysat … Continue reading

Loneliness is a Powerful Affliction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, more than likely you are aware of the Manti Te’o “catfishing” story that’s made almost every kind of headline imaginable the past couple of weeks. Just in case you crawled out from under that rock to read my blog today, let me recap: star college football player, Heisman … Continue reading


The dating blog-o-verse has been all twitterpated lately because of this story from the Atlantic magazine. All the dating bloggers in my Google Reader seem to be commenting on this article, so why not Miss July? In the article, author Dan Slater suggests that online dating is/will be the downfall of marriage, commitment, and monogamy … Continue reading

Something to think about…

Thanks, everyone, for sticking around even though the blog entries have become less frequent and less about my horrifying dating tales, since I haven’t had any recently (I have a boyfriend, y’all!). If anyone has horrifying dating tales they’d like to tell in my absence, please let me know. I’ll gladly give you the floor. … Continue reading

Being (Accidentally) Single

“I know you’ll be fine alone, you’re not a baby in a hot car.” -Justin Timberlake, in the movie Friends with Benefits I’ve been wanting to write about being single, but I never know where to start. There have been a lot of different studies and opinion pieces in major news outlets lately about single … Continue reading

Farewell, Mr. February!

About a week after my attempt at “closure” with Mr. February backfired, this happened: MissJuly: So, guess who updated their Facebook status to “in a relationship?” MissNovember: Knew it. Bastard. MissJuly: Right? If I were bitchier I’d send her a copy of his message last week “promising” to call me. LOL. MissNovember: Heh. My suspicions … Continue reading