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Mr. Vanishing

“Feeling rejected by another’s avoidance is inevitable but it is important to remember that a grown man (or woman) should know better than to partake in the silent treatment. Treating another person with a complete lack of respect signifies a major character flaw and that may have to be the greatest form of closure that … Continue reading

Perfect on Paper

I’ve had a little bit of sympathy for Mr. February lately. Shocking, I know. Let me start at the beginning. I met a really great guy online-we’ll call him Mr. May. He was smart, sweet, a perfect gentleman. We had tons in common. He knew about the blog, and even read some of it before … Continue reading


What are your relationship deal-breakers? I read an online profile for a guy recently who very conveniently listed his deal-breakers in the first paragraph of his narrative. Hey, nothing like cutting to the chase, I guess? Anyway, included on his list of deal-breakers: smoking, bad teeth, obesity and unhealthy eating. OK, fine, a health nut … Continue reading