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Not off the hook yet…

I’m gonna be an aunt, y’all! I guess we are telling people now-I say that because my mother posted it on Facebook, which is where all important news goes to become real. Like the Velveteen Rabbit or something. Anyhoo, it went a little something like this: MAMAJULY, to Facebook: In case you haven’t heard, my … Continue reading

Secret’s Out

Everyone has a past. Right? Things we did before meeting our current boyfriend/spouse/significant other. Totally normal. Nothing to be ashamed of…almost to be expected. I have a secret. Something I haven’t told Mr. June yet. This shameful secret? Dun dun dun… Are you ready? My secret is… . .. … …. ….. …… THIS BLOG … Continue reading

Talk of the Neighborhood

Apparently, I’ve been the talk of the neighborhood. I live in a condo. Not one of those hip, downtown urban loft condos; but a suburban, family-friendly neighborhood style condo. Which means that mostly, my neighbors are little old ladies. There are a couple of young families and single folks like myself, but since buying the … Continue reading

Daddy’s Little Girl

My dad is the best. My mom’s pretty great too, but it’s almost Father’s Day, so this one is a shout out to my Daddy. He took me on Daddy-Daughter dates and bought me all the cassette tapes and Babysitter’s Club books I wanted, made me mix tapes of songs he thought I’d like, and … Continue reading