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When you ask successful couples, therapists, ministers, Cosmo and other relationship experts about what it takes to make your relationship last you will hear typical answers like honesty, communication, and trust. Maybe you’ll hear advice like, “Don’t go to bed angry,” or “Pick your battles,” and “Learn to compromise.” These are all good, if somewhat … Continue reading

Mr. Vanishing

“Feeling rejected by another’s avoidance is inevitable but it is important to remember that a grown man (or woman) should know better than to partake in the silent treatment. Treating another person with a complete lack of respect signifies a major character flaw and that may have to be the greatest form of closure that … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End?

No, I’m not talking about me and Mr. June, sillies. We’re fine. As I mentioned recently, there’s been a bit of a commotion in the media the past few weeks about online dating and modern relationships-and I think the Manti Te’o story only helped to increase the interest in “online” relationships. I’ve also previously shared … Continue reading

Loneliness is a Powerful Affliction

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, more than likely you are aware of the Manti Te’o “catfishing” story that’s made almost every kind of headline imaginable the past couple of weeks. Just in case you crawled out from under that rock to read my blog today, let me recap: star college football player, Heisman … Continue reading


The dating blog-o-verse has been all twitterpated lately because of this story from the Atlantic magazine. All the dating bloggers in my Google Reader seem to be commenting on this article, so why not Miss July? In the article, author Dan Slater suggests that online dating is/will be the downfall of marriage, commitment, and monogamy … Continue reading

It could happen to you…

Apparently, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, the result of being dumped(!) over the holidays, or just feeling the positive buzz of the holiday season, more people join an online dating site in January than any other month. Most of the big ones report a 30%-55% increase in membership (with reporting that 55% bump … Continue reading


Hola, Miss July here. No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth and no, I still haven’t interviewed Mr. June but I promise to fix that soon. I know y’all are anxiously awaiting the answers to your questions. In the meantime, Mr. June and I hit the 6-month mark as well as celebrated … Continue reading

The Man Market?

Well, it would be an understatement to say that I enjoy shopping. Truthfully, it’s not only a hobby, but one of my best life skills. I am just exceptionally good at finding what I want for a great deal. And, I’ve mentioned before that dating can feel a lot like shopping…which is why it is … Continue reading

Did you even read my profile? Round 2!

One of my most popular posts ever is “Did you even read my profile?” Since I like to give y’all what you want, here is another selection of goodies that have come into my online dating mailbox, from guys that clearly didn’t read my profile (or maybe they did, and just couldn’t resist writing me … Continue reading

Mr. June

Alright, if you are a “regular” around here, you’ve probably noticed I only had one Mr. May and haven’t really mentioned a Mr. June. And June is pretty much over. So… did I go back into dating hibernation? What gives, you ask? Well, there is a Mr. June. In fact, you already met him. And … Continue reading