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Mr. February

OK, now we’ve come to the part that really makes me nervous. First, I kind of feel bad telling stories about other people on the internet, even though you almost certainly don’t know Mr.-Whatever-Month. Plus, I’m not only sharing these guys’ bad behavior with you…but I’m confessing that my own behavior is embarrassing at times, … Continue reading

Did you even read my profile?

I promise to get to the actual dating stories soon. But I need you to fully appreciate how difficult it is to¬† find someone normal enough to meet in person in the first place. I spend a lot of time simply screaming inside my head, “Did you even read my profile?” One of the perils … Continue reading

May the Odds Be Ever in My Favor

A little more about me, Miss July. I am a little nervous about sharing my experiences on the internet, so I wanted to blog semi-anonymously. To protect myself and the not-so-innocent fellas that have the misfortune good luck to date me during this “experiment,” my friend Miss November suggested that I call each guy by … Continue reading

1 in 5

1 in 5 relationships begin online. That’s what those commercials tell you at least. It’s supposed to make you feel better about online dating, but I guess I am just too smart for those online marketing executives because THOSE ARE NOT GOOD ODDS! Why would that make me feel better??? 1 in 5 is only … Continue reading