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When you ask successful couples, therapists, ministers, Cosmo and other relationship experts about what it takes to make your relationship last you will hear typical answers like honesty, communication, and trust. Maybe you’ll hear advice like, “Don’t go to bed angry,” or “Pick your battles,” and “Learn to compromise.” These are all good, if somewhat … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Mr. June.

Today is Mr. June’s birthday. I am not a heart on my sleeve kind of girl, and despite writing a very public dating blog, I am very cautious about being an online over-sharer. However, I think Mr. June secretly kind of loves his internet infamy, so I figured a public display of Happy Birthday for … Continue reading

The Beginning of the End?

No, I’m not talking about me and Mr. June, sillies. We’re fine. As I mentioned recently, there’s been a bit of a commotion in the media the past few weeks about online dating and modern relationships-and I think the Manti Te’o story only helped to increase the interest in “online” relationships. I’ve also previously shared … Continue reading

It could happen to you…

Apparently, whether it’s a New Year’s resolution, the result of being dumped(!) over the holidays, or just feeling the positive buzz of the holiday season, more people join an online dating site in January than any other month. Most of the big ones report a 30%-55% increase in membership (with Match.com reporting that 55% bump … Continue reading

Mr. June Speaks!

Here you go guys…Mr. June has answered your questions! You had some good ones. I didn’t write down his answers and it’s been awhile since I conducted this little ┬áinterview, so I’ve noted if I can’t quite remember something clearly or if I might be heavily paraphrasing any of his answers-lest I misrepresent Mr. June’s … Continue reading

Mr. June, Continued

Alright-last chance to ASK MR. JUNE! I know, I know, I am a slacker. I was supposed to do this weeks ago. Even Mr. June wants to know when his interrogation interview will take place. So, send me your questions! It’s your last chance. In case you don’t know what to ask, since the story … Continue reading

Not off the hook yet…

I’m gonna be an aunt, y’all! I guess we are telling people now-I say that because my mother posted it on Facebook, which is where all important news goes to become real. Like the Velveteen Rabbit or something. Anyhoo, it went a little something like this: MAMAJULY, to Facebook: In case you haven’t heard, my … Continue reading

Secret’s Out

Everyone has a past. Right? Things we did before meeting our current boyfriend/spouse/significant other. Totally normal. Nothing to be ashamed of…almost to be expected. I have a secret. Something I haven’t told Mr. June yet. This shameful secret? Dun dun dun… Are you ready? My secret is… . .. … …. ….. …… THIS BLOG … Continue reading

Are You My Boyfriend?

When I got out of college, I found this book at the now-RIP Borders store over by my city’s most esteemed university. It describes in a witty fashion all the “types” of guys out there that you might want (or want to avoid) as your boyfriend, such as the “It’s not you, it’s me Guy” … Continue reading

Mr. June

Alright, if you are a “regular” around here, you’ve probably noticed I only had one Mr. May and haven’t really mentioned a Mr. June. And June is pretty much over. So… did I go back into dating hibernation? What gives, you ask? Well, there is a Mr. June. In fact, you already met him. And … Continue reading