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Mr. June Speaks!

Here you go guys…Mr. June has answered your questions! You had some good ones. I didn’t write down his answers and it’s been awhile since I conducted this little ┬áinterview, so I’ve noted if I can’t quite remember something clearly or if I might be heavily paraphrasing any of his answers-lest I misrepresent Mr. June’s … Continue reading

Secret’s Out

Everyone has a past. Right? Things we did before meeting our current boyfriend/spouse/significant other. Totally normal. Nothing to be ashamed of…almost to be expected. I have a secret. Something I haven’t told Mr. June yet. This shameful secret? Dun dun dun… Are you ready? My secret is… . .. … …. ….. …… THIS BLOG … Continue reading

Mr. June

Alright, if you are a “regular” around here, you’ve probably noticed I only had one Mr. May and haven’t really mentioned a Mr. June. And June is pretty much over. So… did I go back into dating hibernation? What gives, you ask? Well, there is a Mr. June. In fact, you already met him. And … Continue reading