Mr. June, Continued

Alright-last chance to ASK MR. JUNE! I know, I know, I am a slacker. I was supposed to do this weeks ago. Even Mr. June wants to know when his interrogation interview will take place. So, send me your questions! It’s your last chance. In case you don’t know what to ask, since the story of Mr. June and how he made it all the way to October and counting has largely remained a mystery to you, let me begin to catch you up.

You all know what happened on the first date. What happened from there has remained a secret…until now. I will confess, I had been writing about our dates all along-just in case I ever decided to post about it, I wouldn’t have forgotten all the details. It’s a good thing, too, because now it all seems so long ago, and when I went back to those notes there were details I would have forgotten, had I not recorded them at the time. So here you go…a brief synopsis of our first few dates…and another first I thought might NEVER happen.

At the end of that first date (which was scheduled as a “drinks” date but turned into a 4.5 hour dinner date), I knew we had things to talk about, but I wasn’t sure if he “like-liked” me or not. We ended the evening with a hug, which was perfectly fine, since after all he was a total stranger. He said he had fun, but there was no, “Hey, we should do this again,” or anything like that. I was perplexed. But by the time I got home, I had a little text from him saying just that, and we made plans to see each other on Saturday night-you know, DATE NIGHT. So I was feeling pretty confident at this point-he asked me out again right away, and for date night, no less. Woohoo! These are the good signs you live for when dating. We went to the movies and dinner, but once again…ended the night with a hug. Not even a little peck on the cheek?!? OK, no problem. I’m not a dating speed-racer, or anything; I just wasn’t totally sure if he liked me or just wanted to be buds. You know, usually kissing is a good way to tell the difference. But we did continue to make plans to see each other again, so by the third date, things would surely start moving along, right? Well…not exactly. We had dinner and once again-take a wild guess-hugged good-night. I might or might not have called Miss November and her Other Half (OH) on my way home for a what-the-hell-is happening-here-why-won’t-he-kiss-me!!! pow-wow. We all thought it was odd, but OH asked about the end of each of our dates (all in parking lots) and made a good point that maybe he just didn’t feel like he had a good opportunity yet. I could live with that. I also decided I needed to create some opportunity. I devised a strategy to get us in the same car for our next date, so that it would end in my driveway rather than in a parking lot and maybe this would get him to pucker open up.

So after our FOURTH date, a breakfast date, for which I had strategically asked him to pick me up, I invited him to come in and hang out for a little while. Privately. Wink, wink. Thinking he’d get the message. However, the message I got in return was him sitting in the chair on the other side of the room for two hours while I sat on my couch with the dog. Don’t get me wrong, she’s an excellent snuggle buddy, but I had really hoped for a different snuggle buddy. When he left, I did my best eye-batting, hair flipping, kiss-me-now show…still nothing but a hug! Hugs are great. I love a good hug. However. I was starting to get a little bit of a complex! Did I have bad breath? Something perpetually in my teeth? Did I forget deodorant this morning? Every morning since we’ve met???

Later that day, he sent me a text asking if he “missed a moment” earlier. Yeah, buddy, you’ve missed about seventeen, I thought. But hey, we have the lines of communication open at this point, so I decide to be nice. Maybe, I coyly replied, and reassured him he’d get another chance.

What happened from here, however,  just baffled me. Ya’ll, I stopped counting the dates after that. We went to lunch. We went to dinner. We went and walked around the mall. We watched a movie at my place (again, with him on the other side of the room in the chair). I mean, I’m certain that I smell great and there is no obvious reason for the distance-keeping. We also continued to have hilarious text-chats about the fact that he kept wimping out at the end of every date. So I knew he liked me, but something was just keeping him from pulling the trigger. And because I am kind of mean, I just couldn’t bring myself to put the guy out of his misery and give him a little assistance. No, dang it, he was going to KISS ME!

At this point, it had just become a much bigger deal than it should have been…which obviously made it worse. And again, because I am mean, I was kind of having fun trying to find out how long we could go on like this before one of us got frustrated enough to give in or give up (there’s that game of chicken again…I am just now realizing this was an extremely early relationship pattern, heh). That’s what happens when two stubborn people get together.

So, finally, one night, after nearly an hour(!) of standing at my car, and giving him a warning that I was getting in the car in 30 seconds, he manned up. And…well, it took me more than 30 seconds to get in the car. But all’s well that ends well, right? I did stop counting after the fourth date, but of course now I want to know (so I can hold it over his head, obviously) and my memory is sketchy but it was either 7 or 8 dates I think. So I am pretty sure he can never complain about having to wait on me or about me being too slow for anything because really, dude? You didn’t kiss me for 8(ish) dates.

So what was the deal? Well, you’d have to ask Mr. June. (Reminder!!! Send questions!!!) But the upside of all that was we did spend a lot of time talking, hanging out, and getting to know each other, before things went to “the next level.” (Wow, that sentence sounds sooo Junior High. I’m very sorry.) What I mean is-when you like someone, the kissing tends to cloud your mind, you know? You overlook any red flags or potential deal-breakers or annoying traits because all that oxytocin goes to your brain. But we had the “what are your flaws” conversation before we had the first kiss, so we knew what we were getting ourselves into from the beginning. Maybe that’s why Mr. June has turned into Mr. October?

Whatever the reason, I’m really happy you don’t sit on the opposite side of the room anymore, Mr. June.


One thought on “Mr. June, Continued

  1. Dude, Mr. June-October, you are slow 😀 …. but the good news is after the fact, the story makes you look sweet for your apparent shyness.

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