Secret’s Out

Everyone has a past. Right? Things we did before meeting our current boyfriend/spouse/significant other. Totally normal. Nothing to be ashamed of…almost to be expected.

I have a secret. Something I haven’t told Mr. June yet.

This shameful secret?

Dun dun dun…

Are you ready?

My secret is…







GASP! Clutch your pearls. I KNOW.

(I am the worst.)

Thing is, I am sure he already knows. We’re Facebook friends and I post my entries to my page. Besides that, I’m not too good with all the technologies and stuff and so even before we were FB buds, the blog was posted in a public section of my page so….he’s most likely known for awhile. He’s probably reading this right now. (Hi, Mr. June! XOXO)

So, how did it come to this?

For my part, I blame just not really knowing the right time to bring this sort of thing up. After all, I had previously freaked a couple of my dates out by revealing this information too soon. However, Mr. June has made it through all the way to September, so if he’s read all this and still wants to be my boyfriend, then surely this won’t be a deal-breaker (right, honey?). I’ve purposefully avoided revealing too much about him or our early dates, because it didn’t feel right to write about someone without their knowledge or consent if it wasn’t over yet (my previous “fair game” standard).  Well, that and I didn’t want to write anything that I’d regret him seeing later. And when is the right time to let someone know you are chronicling your (and now their) dating history on the world wide web, anyway? I’m pretty sure Emily Post hasn’t tackled that one yet. As for why he hasn’t mentioned it? Well, you’d have to ask him. However, since you all know how much I like to speculate about what men are thinking, I’d like to present: “The Top 5 Reasons Why Mr. June Won’t Mention My Dating Blog.”

5. He doesn’t want me to write about him. If he’s read the blog and knows my “won’t write about it til it’s over” rule, he’s just biding his time.

4. Male ego jealousy. Guys HATE to hear about your exes, right? Burns them up to think of you with other men (or so Cosmo told me once). So by not talking about the blog, and the gentlemen mentioned here, he can pretend I’ve never liked anyone but him.

3. He’s just trying to play it cool. Since I haven’t brought it up, he hasn’t brought it up-he probably figures when I want to mention it, I will. So… consider it mentioned?

2. He’s embarrassed by my love for Taylor Swift. (I don’t really blame him for that one.) Or that his girlfriend writes a dating blog. One of the two. Maybe both…

1. It’s all about winning the “game.” You know how competitive guys are! He loves to win. You see, it’s sort of like that classic Friends episode, “The One Where Everyone Finds Out.” You know…the “They don’t know that we know they know we know” one? Miss November described it well as a virtual game of chicken, where he who brings it up first “caves” and loses the game. Well, I lose, OK? YOU WIN.

So, now that we have everything out in the, um, open, perhaps I will acquire Mr. June’s consent to share a few more details about how he made it through July-August-and-September, since you really only know about our almost-disastrous first date. I’ll keep you posted…or not.

13 thoughts on “Secret’s Out

  1. Thank goodness I can let go of my pearls! My face had begun to take on a ghastly bluish tint, which quite frankly, did not complement my gray hair.

  2. I created my blog way after meeting my boyfriend and told him all about it, but I’m thinking it must be weird for him to read all my previous online dating stories. Because let’s be honest, we all know our partners have a past and liked other people before they liked us, but sometimes hearing all the little details makes us feel a little jealous (and ridiculous for even feeling jealous). I actually sometimes worry about even people I vaguely know discovering my blog, though, simply because I prefer to be a private person in real life.

    • Well, Manda, that’s why I don’t use my real name here as well…putting this much personal information out there is a stretch for me! But strangely enough, it’s weirder to me that strangers care about my blog than people I know. In some respects, it simplifies things if friends and family can just “read the blog” rather than me answer the same questions about my dating life over and over and over…

  3. Ahhh … your secret is out… well …. allow me to retort:

    What does Marsellus Wallace look like? …… wait …. no movie quotes…..

    1) This does not bother me at all … (so relax and have fun with this)
    2) I did see it prior to this but I did not read very much once I realized what it was you were doing
    3) I did wait for you to mention it… because I decided early on not to Google you, but to learn for experience because Googling someone can make you have preconceived impression of the other. sometime confronting someone can blow up in you face early on in a relationship.
    4) Writing about other date/exes is fine.. I assure you mine have been just as bad if not worse than yours (I am guessing since I haven’t read past this and the “about” page)
    5) I give you permission to write anything you want about me … good or bad. You have this in writing and have all your readers as witnesses.

    Now with that said… we have a couple of options here.

    1) I can continue to not read things here and give you a place to talk freely about our relationship without having to censor yourself if you think I may read it. (again you have this in writing and you readers as witnesses)
    2) I can read the stuff you posted here .. learn more about you (and your love of Taylor Swift…which may be a deal breaker…. joking) and I can assure you that it won’t change anything currently happening with us.(again in writing for all your readers to see)
    3) I can read the stuff here and give insight via comments on the good things you post about me making things more interactive and fun for your readers..

    This I will leave up to you.. but either way please don’t feel as if you need to censor anything … I honestly don’t mind at all

    Also … you don’t lose …. because you got to have 3 months (or more) of me… so in my book we both win…. yay!!!!

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