May the Odds Be Ever in My Favor

A little more about me, Miss July. I am a little nervous about sharing my experiences on the internet, so I wanted to blog semi-anonymously. To protect myself and the not-so-innocent fellas that have the misfortune good luck to date me during this “experiment,” my friend Miss November suggested that I call each guy by the month I date them in, sort of like Playboy. So along those lines, I’ll call myself Miss July, after my birth month. My friends and family will get similar monikers if they make an appearance. Now you know I’m a July baby-a Leo to be exact, if you care about that sort of thing. I’ve already mentioned I’m a liberal Southerner, so even though I’m in a pretty large, progressive city, I’m still in the Bible belt. That can make finding someone with similar values a little more difficult than you’d think. I consider myself pretty smart, occasionally funny, and while I’m no supermodel I try to look and smell nice. I’m pretty independent, and sometimes guys tell me that’s intimidating. Well, if having a job, a condo, and a life of my own makes all five foot four inches of me intimidating, then I guess that’s what we’re working with here. There’s no bad mood that a Taylor Swift or Lionel Richie song won’t cure for me, as uncool as it might be to admit. YOU CAN’T CONTROL WHO YOU LOVE, YA’LL. I also love my dog and taking her on long walks in the park, movie nights with friends, photography, cooking/baking and discussing politics.

What I’m looking for? A nice guy, but not a pushover-I can be bossy, and I need someone who is not afraid to take me down a peg when necessary. A smart guy-doesn’t have to have hundreds of degrees hanging on the wall, but he pays attention to what’s going on in the world, likes to learn new things, and can carry on an intelligent conversation about more than just sports or video games. A kind guy-someone who will go out of his way to make someone’s day, with small or large gestures. A confident guy-doesn’t need me to constantly tell him how awesome he is, although I will on occasion. But he’s not cocky either. He’s just comfortable with himself and doesn’t need constant reassurance. And…he can’t have voted for George Bush, at least not the second time around. Deal-breaker. (I don’t think all Republicans are evil, I just can’t see myself marrying one.)

Why haven’t I met him yet? I work in the exclusive, glamorous, female dominated field of non-profit.  So let’s just say I don’t meet men at work and leave it at that. My friends have obviously failed me and don’t introduce me to any available men. They tell me this is because they don’t know anyone who they think is “good enough” for me, which maybe is a compliment, but also might be a backhanded way of saying they think I’m way too picky. You never know in the South if someone is being honest or trying not to hurt your feelings. We’re all just so darn polite. Bless our hearts. Anyway, despite my skepticism of the odds of online dating, that seems to be the easiest way for me to meet guys I might not normally meet in real life. So, I’ve set myself up a couple of online dating profiles and prepared for the worst battle.  Let the games begin!

p.s. I really don’t think love is a battlefield (although I do love Pat Benatar); if you don’t get these references then I suggest you go read The Hunger Games NOW. Thank me later.

4 thoughts on “May the Odds Be Ever in My Favor

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